Venezuela in the Year 2019

These days I am filled with worries about my country, however still have hopes that with this current regime or without it, my country men will come together and help the countries economy recover again.

Sometimes, it is unbelievable to think that my country with all the natural riches the world has to offer, at this age is suffering from food and medicine shortages. And this is basically because of poor public administration and corruption, mainly. Of course there are other factors, but poor administration and corruption are the key reasons for my country’s demise.

However, I do believe in hope, my hope is that the current administration improves or gets renewed with younger more professional people. If this happens, the world will see a very different Venezuela from the one which is now in a chaotic state. But this young generation needs to understand that they need to build a better country and not keep stealing from our natural treasures like the prior generation.

Hard to believe for some people, but I grew up very richly and I had everything from a very young age, had cars, went to exclusive clubs, and so did my many friends. And now living in Japan and explaining that I know how to drive and play tennis for example is kind of like a weird joke. But I digress.

The country now cannot offer the same things it offered me to the younger generation of Today, and this is precisely because of the situation we have Today with our corrupted administration.

Wishing other Venezuelan readers of this humble blog a great 2019.

Hopeful that Venezuela will improve!!!

Venezuela (Piccola Venezia)

Venezuela, once named by Américo Vespucci as the little Venezia as he saw some resemblance of the Maracaibo Lake to the 15th Century Venezia. Rich in so many natural resources, oil (black gold), gold, natural gas, iron, and so many others. It is now in the brink of economic bankruptcy and social chaos possible leading to a civil war.

Beware of people who come with promises of social equality, followed by social justice. They can be just as dangerous as those who come with tanks carrying democracy and freedom flags. Ask any Venezuelan if socialism has really improved the country in the last 17 years, and you will likely get a cynical answer more than 90 percent of the time.

Never before a country also once called Saudi Venezuela has been so significantly impoverished by the negligent ruling public administration. The lack of medicine, food, and other basic goods. The constant black outs, water shortages and insecurity. All of these problems are simple tragic examples, of the result of a poor administration.

So countries who think socialism is the answer to your problems, think again, think long and hard.

Captain EO